This page is a tribute to the GREATEST singer/songwriter ever!

Below are some pictures of the concert I attended. They are of him and his band members with me.
Also some of my favorite songs/videos.

Gordon and Me back stage after the
(can you tell how excited I am?)

Gordon autographing a book I have
that contains music/lyrics and one
of my favorite songs of his.

Gordon's Bass Guitarist, Rick Haynes

Gordon's Drummer, Barry Keane

Singing "Song for a Winters Night" for me

Here he is singing that song

I love this video and the songs!
This was obviously made in his early years but you
can see how he thinks and the process he goes
through to write his music.

These two songs were a part of a cassette tape my Husband had
made for me the year he died. I wish I still had it, I would find
a way to put it on my MP3 player and listen to his voice telling
me how much he loved me.

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