This is my Family

Russell l. Cardullo

Russ was born Dec. 30, 1956 the youngest of 3 children, he was a good father and husband until his death July 4th,1993 when he tried to save my son Chris from drowning. In his 36 years he accomplished A degree in Accounting and was able to provide for his family. He loved his children very much, was always doing things with them, and making them feel very loved. I had his organs donated and they said he was able to help over 200 people. There are people alive today that wouldn't be if it hadn't been for his gift of life to them. He was a very loving, giving, gentle man and I miss him very much!

Kymberly S Cardullo

Kym was born Oct.27, 1977 She was a beautiful baby and wanted very much by both of us. We spoiled her a lot. She grew up to be a very beautiful woman, one that I am very proud of and I know that her Dad would be too. She started young having her children, but they were welcomed as much as she was. The father married her and they now live on the east coast. She attended college and got her 2nd degree just recently, her husband, John, is in the service and is a very good Dad.
She has given me 5 grandchildren, three girls Audrey, Samantha, and Gillian, two boys Ethan and Logan, they are my angels and very precious to me.

Russell l. Cardullo II

Russ/aka Rusty was born July 8,1979 named after his father, he was a very bright, but quiet child, we discovered that he could read and do math problems at the age of around 3 years old. In school he excelled at everything and he never got a grade less than an A. I had him tested and he was in the 140's for an IQ in only the first grade! He was placed in the gifted classes. He graduated 3rd in his class in High School and has also graduated from the University of Edinboro in PA majoring in computer science. He works for a Company in Pittsburgh writing software for medical services. I'm still waiting for him to get married...LOL! He is a very well adjusted man and I know will excell in life.
UPDATE: He married Sondra in May of 2008 and they now have a son named Oliver and daughter Stella. She has 2 children from a previous marriage, so now they have become my grandchildren too! New pictures coming soon
(age 9 and aged progressed by me to age 16)

Christopher B. Cardullo

Chris Was born Mar.6,1981 a very difficult birth where I almost lost him. He was a very active child and had a lot of health problems. I didn't know he had been molested when he was about 4, but I made sure he was treated for what ever was wrong with him. He was a very loving child in spite of his difficulties, he loved animals especially cats. Until his death on July 4, 1993 he tried very hard to overcome his problems and was succeeding. I had to do a very hard thing with him, he wasn't brain dead, but I didn't want him to suffer while waiting what was only hours anyway, I had his life support turned off and then donated his organs to help other children or people live a full life. I miss my son very much and not a day goes by where I don't think of him, it was for him I went to college and took up my life's dream, I guess in a way I'm trying to live out his life..he was also good at Art and I know he would have been just as good or even better. I've dedicated my degrees to his memory! I love and Miss you Critter very much!!

Gregory T. Cardullo

Greg was born Mar.16,1983 about 2 weeks early by c-section. He was a good little kid, always wanting to help and was loved very much. He was ok until he too was molested at age 4 by the same kids that hurt Chris. He seemed to change over night and developed a lot of anxiety. We assumed he was hyperactive and he started getting treatment for it. He always did good in school and until he witnessed the deaths of his Dad and Brother, we never knew he had been hurt that way. He got treatment, and after high school moved to AZ to live with me. He served in Iraq with the Army National Guard, I am very proud of him for choosing to serve his Country and help to free the Iraq people!
Eric's family
Bekah, Nana, April, EJ, Eric, Taylor and Emily

Eric J. Cardullo

Eric was born July 9,1985 about a month early due to complications, by c-section. He was in intensive care for awhile until his lungs were able to work properly and dry out. Since we knew he was our last child, he was spoiled by everyone including his siblings. He gave us quite a scare when he was born but soon proved he was a fighter. He was having difficulty in school due to his problems learning due to Epilepsy, ADD and difficult birth, but he managed to graduate from high school. He was the smallest of my babies but now he has grown quite big(5'10.5", 220-lbs). He has given me Three angels, Emily, Eric Jeffrey Cardullo II (we call him EJ) and Taylor. His now wife, April has two from a previous marriage so now I have them as grandchildren also! UPDATE: Eric is now serving our country in Afghanistan with the US Army. Please keep him in your prayers. He's overcome so much and I'm so proud of him! I love you very much Eric!!

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