My Hobbies and Interests
My interests vary so here goes:

I like to do Astrology Charts on people just to see how close I can get to describing them, all I really need to do one, is their date of birth, place and time they were born. I can tell alot about someone just by studying it.

One of my loves is "music" I like most anything except Rap and Heavy Metal/Rock. My late husband once told someone "The way to get to Meli's heart was through a song." I'm not into poetry, but when you put it to music I'm all ears. Make it one I can sing to and you have my full attention. Dedicate one to me and it'll be added to my lists of favorite songs. My favorite singer is Gordon Lightfoot, his music has always calmed me down during the many storms in my life.

MY MOST FAVORITE is to be with my children, playing cards or board games, going places, anything, where we can spend time together. I know my children were a gift from God to me. He knew I wanted someone to love unconditionally and for them to love me back the same way. They are my life and I would do anything within my power for them and they know it. I also love my grandchildren, they are a very special gift"Angels"given to me, and it is through them that I know I will go on. I miss them so much, they live far away from me, and hopefully someday I can be a part of their lives, more than I am allowed to now.

Some of my hobbies include:

Sewing, I've made anything from wedding dresses to doll clothes, and have even designed some outfits.

Crocheting, anything from blankets, baby clothes, crafts etc.

Jewelry, thats my new one, you ought to see my supplies, I like to design new styles etc. and give them as gifts, maybe someday make enough to sell

Woodworking, thats a new one also, haven't gotten into it as much as I would like to but will.

Photography, I have learned to love the medium of Black and white and its many subtle shades of grays etc. I have had one of my series I have taken shown in a gallery Titled: "Ghost Town Series" Where I went to a few Ghost towns and took many photos of them.

Photo Restoration,Where I have learned how to restore/repair old photos to almost new condition.

Hiking, My favorite place to go is in the Superstitions. Wow the veiws from there are awesome! While in Geography Class I learned that they used to be a volcano and the white bands riddled through it were ashes that turned solid over time. They also have a famous history,where they are part of the Lost Dutchman mines. Seems he found a large vein/amount of Gold and hid the location of it from others. One of the mysteries of it is, never go hiking or looking alone in them. Many have gone in there and have never come out, or they have been found with their heads cut off. Creepy HUH? I'm hoping to someday hike through some of the other mountain ranges around here.

Some others include: cooking, baking, traveling,site-seeing especially to Ghost towns), movies,fishing,camping,flea markets. I'm always looking to add a new interest or hobby!

I have always loved sketching or drawing(now painting too). I love taking a pencil and just creating what I see in front of me. I love designing something and then steping back and seeing what I have created with my hands. I can relax doing that, I notice that when I am doing that, my concentration is alot better. I don't ever want to be famous for my art but I do want to be very good. I strive for perfection in it and I am not happy unless it looks exactly like it..sorta like a picture image. My goal was always to learn as much as I could about all forms of art, so far I have reached most of it, but still would like to learn sculpture and I will do it someday, hopefully soon!

"Still life"
by Meli Cardullo

My DREAM while growing up was to be a wife, mother and grandmother. I wanted most of all to take care of someone I love, give to him my heart and soul, make him happy in all ways. I had that chance with my husband once and he's gone, someday I hope to find someone that I can once again feel like I belong and am worthy of all the love he shows to me. So that is a goal of mine...find someone to love with all my heart, soul, body, mind, and strength! Someone who will appreciate and not take advantage of me.

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