From 1993 to the Present!


The year started off great, we had had a good Christmas and Russ was working very steady for a trucking company.
Easter came and found us in a different frame of mind. Our daughter who was only 15 at the time told us she was pregnant. Even though it was upsetting we accepted it and moved on.
We decided to move out to a farm to get the kids away from the city and the growing Drug problems etc. We did that in June and a few weeks later On July 4th Our family was ripped apart. My Husband and son Drowned while fishing at the pond on the farm we had rented.
I was now a widow and single Mom with a grandchild on the way very soon, I didn't have time to grieve.I had to raise my children alone, I sometimes felt like I wasn't there at all and life kept handing me more and more difficult things to deal with.
I discovered about a year 1994 later my son,Christopher who died and Greg had been molested by a friends older sons. I immediately tried to get Greg help,all the while my heart ached for my son who had had a hard short life. It was no use getting angry or revenge, I just needed to move on. I had dealt with not only the deaths of 2 of my family members at once, but I ended up homeless immediately right after.

1995I was able to finance a home with Money from the lawsuit of my loved ones death. Things seemed to be doing ok I was losing weight, started doing volunteer work etc.

1998 I discovered the internet and started learning all about computers through my volunteer job at the Library. I put an Personal AD online and met someone who would later become a great influence over my life. I fell in love with him even though I never once thought I would meet him. September found me in yet another crises but this one, even though it was bad, I was able to handle it better due to my friendship with Dan.


In January, I was having a very difficult time dealing with things, I was sick and wanted to end my life. I wrote Dan an email and told him what I was going to do. He called me and talked me out of it. Told me about his Church, The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. That afternoon I called them and they came and talked to me. I joined the Church shortly after and my life took on a whole new meaning. I now had hope and something to look forward to. I came out to visit Dan and fell in love with the area. I knew in my heart I belonged out here, even though I also knew I wouldn't be with Dan. I came once more in July and it was then that I applied for schooling. I was accepted and when I came home, I packed my belongings and moved out here.
I started school and right away got a job, something I never had planned on due to my quitting school when I was 16 and my disabilities. Life was finally handing me what I deserved.


I Graduated from School in May of 2005 with a GPA of 3.2! With A total of FOUR Degrees!
I am doing freelance work among other things.
I now have 13 Grandchildren.
I hurt my back while working at JoAnn Fabrics in 2007 and am waiting for more treatments to be approved, so I am once again receiving SSI Disability and now since I am over 50 widows benefits from my late husbands SS Earnings.
I presently have my own place, a nice subsidized unit in Florence, Az near Eric.
The injury keeps me from being able to sit or stand for very long. Hopefully I can get it taken care of soon,so I am really looking forward to getting back to a full time job.
I do look forward to a great future and maybe someday find someone to spend the rest of my life with, but until then I'll just keep plugging along having fun, enjoying my life's dream!

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